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Be The Credible Founder That Investors Are Looking For

Founders who can show investors a realistic financial projection in their fund-raising pitches are perceived to be credible. 

Credible founders are more likely to obtain funding from investors.

We help you become the Founder that investors are looking for.

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We Increase Your Chances of Getting Funded

As a startup founder, your number one job is to find a way to show potential investors that your business will stay viable.  Your financial projections are not just a bunch of assumptions; they reflect how you intend to carry out your strategy so that your business achieves commercially viability.  

Unfortunately, many of us are not “numbers people”.     

We do not understand how our business strategy translate to the numbers.  We develop complex financial models, but the “so what” gets buried in multiple tabs of excel.  Worse still, the projections conflict with the story communicated in the pitch.  We confuse investors and lose credibility.  Naturally, we don’t get the funds. 

At The Biz Lab, we make it super-easy for you to understand what investors are looking for in the numbers and what this means for your business.  By the time you are done, you will be the investor darling who strikes a balance between selling the idea and credible projection.

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Choose How We Work Together

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From Uninvestible to Investible

3-Day Online Workshop

In this online workshop, you will learn the levers to improve your business so that lenders and investors will find you irresistible!

Investor Readiness Health Check

One-Time Consultation

2 hours of intensive one-on-one consultation to assess investor readiness with special focus on the credibility of the projected investor ROI

Full access to the Kwik Look tool for 1-year (including investor valuation summary)

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Being Investor Ready

Tailored Coaching Programme

3-6 month Tailored Coaching Programme that will make you attractive to the right investors.

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Unsure of the Help You Need?

Drop us a note via the form or schedule a free discovery call with us!

Thanks for reaching out. We’ll get back to you soon.

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