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Empowering Incubators with Data-Driven Insights

Join Our Pilot Program

At The Biz Lab, we empower incubators to elevate startup outcomes and improve operational efficiency through data-driven insights.

Let us help you systemise the capture and analysis of quality data within your programmes!


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Startup Zodiac Profiling Tool

Profile startups for targeted interventions and resource matching.

02 / 
Kwik Look Cash Flow Tool

Quantify the evolution of business models.

03 / 
Kwik Look Growth Simulator

Develop and simulate different growth strategies.

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Targeted Startup Interventions
Incubator Resource Optimisation
Foundation for AI and Advanced Analytics
Quantification of Impact

Leverage data insights to understand needs of each startup and provide targeted support, resources, and mentorship.

Utilise data insights to pinpoint effective practices and target areas needing improvement.

Harness systematic data collection and analysis to lay the foundation for AI and predictive analytics capabilities.

Demonstrate effectiveness of your programmes through the quantification of potential economic benefit and ROI.

“One of the greatest challenges facing startup incubators and facilitators is the deficiency in quality data, which is the foundation for all AI and predictive learning functions.
"The Biz Lab provides an easy solution for ecosystem enablers to draw out critical data along the startup journey, with advanced program delivery and data insights.”

Sharon Hunneybell, CEO, Gold Coast Innovation Hub

About us

Blending Academic Rigour and Commercial Expertise:

The Biz Lab is the brainchild of founders Dr Hsin Ning YONG, an award-winning academic educator, and Yvette LIM, an industry expert in complex deals analysis. Their combined skill sets, backed by meticulous modelling and testing, have resulted in a robust suite of resources that leverage academic rigour and commercial expertise.


Expressions of Interest are being sought from Institutes of High Learning (IHL) Incubators to participate in a targeted pilot program.

If your incubator is connected with an IHL, send us a message and we'll reach out with details.

Thanks for submitting!

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