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Case Study

Using the Kwik Look Growth Simulator to Formulate Your Market Entry Strategy


New Markets = Unchartered Territories

Entering a new market is exciting, but it is also fraught with risks.

As a startup founder, how do you rise above the clutter of the revenue and costs projections to proactively manage the risks and their impacts on your cash runway?


Introducing the Kwik Look Growth Simulator

The Kwik Look Growth Simulator has been designed to help you simplify the process of formulating your growth strategy in a new market.

With the insights from the reports, it will help you strategise and proactively manage the risks in entering a new market.

Try it for yourself!


Need a Step-by-Step Guide?

We've got you covered!

Check out this detailed case study adapted from an existing e-scooter business to show you how the tool can be used. 

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