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Programmes for Startups & Accelerators


Raising Seed Funding

For Startups Seeking To Grow and Scale

You have a great idea and you've got something going with your business.

Now you need to raise capital to bring it to greater heights to deliver a greater impact to the community.

How can you distinguish yourself amongst other startups in the stiff competition for funds?​

Check out our workshop and services below that can set you apart from the crowd!​

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From Uninvestible to Investible

How To Give Your Business Idea The Best Opportunity To Be Funded

In this 3-day workshop, you will learn the levers to improve your business so that lenders and investors will find you irresistible!


From Idea to Investment

How To Prepare For Seed Round Fund Raising

The one-on-one coaching programme, will prepare you to become investible to your ideal investors


Develop the Winners

Programme For Incubators and Accelerators

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Action Learning Programme To Grow Winning Ventures

Programme for Incubators and Accelerators to Develop Startups