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Programmes for Startups & Accelerators

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Raising Seed Funding

For Startups Seeking To Grow and Scale

You have a great idea and you've got something going with your business.

Now you need to raise capital to bring it to greater heights to deliver a greater impact to the community.

How can you distinguish yourself amongst other startups in the stiff competition for funds?​

Check out our workshop and services below that can set you apart from the crowd!​

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From Uninvestible to Investible

How To Give Your Business Idea The Best Opportunity To Be Funded

In this 3-day workshop, you will learn the levers to improve your business so that lenders and investors will find you irresistible!

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From Idea to Investment

How To Prepare For Seed Round Fund Raising

The one-on-one coaching programme, will prepare you to become investible to your ideal investors

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Develop the Winners

Programme For Incubators and Accelerators

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Action Learning Programme To Grow Winning Ventures

Programme for Incubators and Accelerators to Develop Startups

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