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Learn The Formula for Raising Funds

In this 1-day workshop, you will learn how to develop a business plan that increases your chances of attracting lenders or investors using a tried-and-tested formula.

This is not a workshop to teach you how to RAISE money.

Instead it is a workshop that gives you all the know-how to...


This 1-Day Workshop Gives You All The Know-How To...

Determine if your business model is truly differentiated from others

Gain an accurate assessment of your financial projections

Determine your true opportunities for raising capital

Identify realistic sources of financing

Create a solid plan to position your business for maximum success

Understand the process of "selling" your business to a lender or investor

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Workshop Outline

  • Identifying realistic sources of funding

  • Unpacking an uninvestable business idea - review of case study

  • Identifying levers to improve attractiveness of the business

  • Translating business levers to cashflow

  • Understanding what investors look for in the numbers

  • Assessing the gaps in your business model

  • Identifying the strategic value levers for your business


Workshop Approach


We use a specially developed case to systematically demonstrate the transformation from uninvestable to investable.


We enable you to apply the concepts through the use of structured frameworks and templates.  This will allow you to use them with confidence even after the workshop.

Peer-to-Peer Learning

We facilitate learning through peer-to-peer sharing.  You will have the opportunity to share your insights with others and vice-versa.

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How You Will Benefit


Gain Clarity on Gaps and Opportunities In Current Business Model

Make Informed Decisions Based On Cash Flow Impact

Identify Realistic Sources of Funding Depending on the Maturity of Your Venture

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This Course Is For You If...


You have a clear business idea

You want to develop a prototype or a minimum viable product

You are looking for funding to kick start your business

It Is Not For You If...

  • You have no idea

  • Your idea is still at the infant stage

  • You are looking to scale and grow your business


Meet the Instructors!



I'm Dr Yong Hsin Ning

I help people like you translate their brilliant ideas into business realities.

In case you’ve never heard of me, here’s why I’m qualified to tell you about how your dream can become reality...when you follow my advice:

  • I am a serial entrepreneur, so I know all about the pain of building a business from scratch, and how to avoid costly mistakes (The Biz Lab is my second venture).

  • I am an award-winning educator in entrepreneurship and business transformations, and I have helped many people cut short the process to create new businesses or take existing ones to new heights by marrying science and art.

  • My team and I have successfully coached early-stage entrepreneurs to develop and deliver business pitches that attract government and private investor funding.


Hear What My Students Say

We have conducted many similar programs to enable startup entrepreneurs. 
Hear what they have to say about the impact we delivered.

"I was lucky enough to be in the first cohort of the Venture Building Programme, one of the enhanced Startup SG Founder scheme tracks, where Dr Yong was one of the mentors to guide us in the very beginning of our entrepreneurship journey.

I enjoyed attending the classes conducted by Dr Yong, where she covered key modules in Venture Building Programme, including Business Model Canvas, Customer Discovery, Validation Approach, and Go-To-Market Strategies. She shared with us her experiences and gave us suggestions.

Thanks to the guidance, support and encouragement from Dr Yong, Deskpax is the Startup SG Founder Grant awardee."

June Lee, CEO of Deskpax


Let me introduce Yvette, my co-instructor...

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Hi!  I'm Yvette

I'm the Founder & CEO of Kwik Look, an advisory company, which helps early-stage entrepreneurs & potential investors understand the cash flows and risks associated with new business ideas.

I’m also both a serial entrepreneur, and Angel Investor who believes in supporting innovative & energetic founders “get off the ground”.

Having evaluated complex multi-million dollar deals and decisions internationally, as a lead regional economist with the Shell Group of Companies – I can definitely answer any of your cash flow questions.

Knowledge is empowerment!



Ken Lee from AustechVR

Justin & Ksenia from Crypto Hub

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Attend this course risk-free

Here's the best part...

This course is worth US$598.

However, you only pay a US$68 deposit.

Send us the balance AFTER the session. 

We also offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with the course.

You may think I am taking a huge risk offering the guarantee. 

Well, I dare to take the risk because I am 100% confident that the course will deliver value.

I am also taking the risk because I trust that as a fellow entrepreneur, you will be fair to me, as you would like to be treated fairly by others. 


Bonus: But It's Very Limited

For those who sign up for this course, we will waive the sign-up fee (worth US$230) to the Kwik Look Cashflow Evaluation Tool.

This is NOT just another cashflow tool.

This tool is more than that.

Because it gives invaluable insights which will empower you to:

  • Identify, understand and mitigate key risks to increase your chances of success

  • Make informed decisions based on cash flow impact

  • Negotiate with confidence, knowing how much your equity is worth

The sign-up fee is US$230, but you will get it FREE.


Check out the Kwik Look Cashflow Tool!

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It's Decision Time

You have a choice to make:

Do what you’ve been doing (or worse, do nothing at all). You know where that will lead... Is that really where you want to go?

If the answer is NO, then take a new action and get a new result!

Start today and sign up for this workshop that increases your chances to raise funding for your business idea. 

The program that increases your chances to fulfill your lifelong aspirations to build a business of your own. 

All that in just 1 day. 


Does that sound like what you really want for yourself?

Sign up now!


Limited to 20 only!

To ensure a conducive learning environment, we are keeping the group to a maximum of 20 participants. 

Once we hit the quota, we will close the registration. 

So hurry if you do not wish to be disappointed!    

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Can I use Skillsfuture credits for this course?

We get this question a lot!

Skillsfuture credits cannot be used to offset the payment for this workshop.  

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